EMD Basic Student Course - Includes Manual and  EMD Certificate

EMD Basic Student Course - Includes Manual and EMD Certificate

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Instructor led 24-hour EMD National Certification Course that certifies formerly trained and experienced emergency communications personnel with the NHTSA EMD National Standard Curriculum. Its primary purpose is to ensure that the student possesses the baseline knowledge and skills to function in the role of an Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) as prescribed by the agency medical control. Course includes student manual and certificate upon completion.

The agency medical control is the EMS physician with jurisdiction over the local EMS system. The EMD must use the EMD protocols pre-approved by the agency medical control. This course will train the EMD candidate to direct and manage their emergency medical resources through the agency medical control. 

The local, regional, or state medical authority with medical control over the EMS system within which the EMD practices has the authority to waive any requirements related to the EMD training program, EMD instructor requirements and the use and modification of EMD protocols.


This course meets the following EMD national certification standards:

  • NHTSA Standard 11
  • ASTM 1258 (Standard Practice for EMD)
  • ASTM 1552 (EMD Selection Criteria)
  • ASTM 1560 (EMD Program Management)

Completion of the EMD Communications Officer National Certification Course “and” completion of any state or agency requirements allows the student to practice emergency medical dispatching using the EMD protocols approved by the agency medical control officer.


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